Additional Text on Homepage

hey there,

I changed the order of the theme layout and now the additional text on the homepage (with the service section and the portfolio section) are not showing. How can I fix this? 

I have tried removing the text and re-adding it and that did not allow it to be visible.


  • Hi

    Let us clear from which option you have added  additional text . 

    If possible share your website URL .

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    I have attached screen shots to help you see what I am talking about. The demo site shows the service section starting with the title "What We Do" and text underneath that but before the services boxes and spin icons. That title and text before the boxes is missing from my homepage and I'm not sure why. I may have messed with something in the coding by accident. 
    demo site.PNG
    my site.PNG
  • Hey Akhilesh,

    I figured it out. I was messing with the css to hide some other titles and accidentally included those too. Whew. Easy fix. 
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