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Is there some way to upload documents or link to documents on my desktop so when someone clicks on my portfolio picture, they are shown my actual work?

I checked the permalink, and it works, but it leads nowhere except to a page weird page. Here is a screenshot.


  • Hi
    Thanks for contacting us . 

    Yes we can link portfolio image to the external link . 

    But firstly let  me clear which page template portfolio image would you want to link . 

    Means home page portfolio image or Portfolio 2 3 4 column portfolio image . 

    Clear us , so that we can assist you better .

  • I don't want to link to another image. I want to link to documents I've written, or I want a pop-up window that shows the document.

    It's unclear how to add documents to the portfolio manager as well.
  • I chose the 3 column portfolio image. I don't want it to link back to the image. I want it to link to a document, or, I want the popup window to be the actual document, like a .pdf or .doc file
  • Hi

    The page can be link to another page or any other link . 

    But we can link to a document . 

    Sorry for your inconvenience but the feature would you want to implement . 
    Required much code customization and its beyond the scope of our support . 

  • So basically I have to create a portfolio elsewhere and link to it?
  • I have 10 different samples of my work I'd like to showcase. Does Portfolio Manager have the capacity to hold that many items?

  • Hi

    For this you have to use gallary plugin . 

    That is freely available on wordpress.org repository .

  • Okay. Thanks.
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