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I followed the instructions for how to change slider images by setting up a category, titled the post, and set it as standard, and clicked on the category, and set the images and published them. Thuis took care of the slider image changes, but now, these images are put into my blog page when I try to set it up. 

Here's the problem: When I try to set up my blog by choosing the blog-right menu option, the images from my slider are put into my blog page.

And---I'm not seeing any right menu show up either.

And I've tried to find information on this site, but I can't find any.


  • HI

    Thanks for contacting us . 
    To remove slider post from the blog page . 

    For this  refer this link 

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Okay. I followed the directions and it created an archived copy changing the text in the banner to say Blog: Category Archive

    This is not what I meant. Let me try again.

    I added a page to my primary menu. I named it "Blog." I chose in the drop down menu to configure the page to the option that says "blog-right side bar"

    When I did this, I did not get the right side bar, and instead, got the slider images.

    When I chose "Default Template," the images disappear, and I still have no right side bar.

    The problem is that my slider images are set up as posts. Should I uninstall the theme, change the images in the .zip file, and reinstall it? This may work to keep the theme from inserting these posts into the blog page, but why am I unable to get the "Blog-right-side-bar" to work?
  • Hi

    Let me know , 
    Have  you added widget into  Appearance << widget << sidebar section . 

    Bz at our end widget  showing into the right sidebar area . 

    You can see the snapshot .


    blog sidebar.png
  • I figured it out - at least the side bar issue. But there's still a problem with the slider images posting on my blog page. I just sent a pleading email for help, and I've also posted in this forum for help.

    Here is the text of the email I just sent:

    Thanks a bunch. I really need help with the slider images. Please. I changed them as per your directions on the support site, but they post on my blog site because they are posts. When I click the option to opt out of including the images on the blog page, and it says: " Show Slider post in Blog pages,Archive Page, Category Page etc.

    When I remove the check, it takes the slides off of my home page.

    I've tried everything. I tried the category menu setting instructions you sent in your last email.

    The problem seems to be that the slider images are set up as posts, and because of this, they are recognized as blog posts. 

  • Hi 

    I don't no why ticket is not answered correctly yet. 

    Firstly check the version of the theme, if you are using the versions 1.7.1 than there is no need to customize any code for this.

    If you are using older version of this theme, than , kindly update the older version with the latest one read more regarding upgrade process

    Let me know..

  • Refer the new setting added in the latest version in the screenshot url
  • The version of my theme is 1.7.1
  • Any updates on this issue..
  • I posted dated my blogs to 2010 so they will always be at the end of the thread, but I don't like this fix. These functions should be separated.
  • See your original issue is of slider images that are showing on blog page. Is this fixed after update.
  • When do I get the update?? From where do I get it???  I  have 1.7.1

    Is there a newer version??

    The only way I could keep the slider images from showing up on my blog page was to post date them to 2010. I don't like this as an option because they are not blog posts. They are slider images. 

    I don't understand why the slider has to be set up as a series of posts. 
  • Is it possible for you send the login details on my email id themes[at]webriti[dot]com

    Post slider will give different slide variations that's why we have used post for that purpose.

  • Nope. I've already figured it out. It's a glitch.

    I understand the variations. I only one to use the standard one. And it doesn't matter what variation I chose, they all end up on my blog page as blog posts.

    I changed in my settings for my home page and my blog page to read as static pages, but when I do this, my slider posts disappear from my home page.

  • The bug is fixed now kindly download the latest version and replace the files
  • I have 1.7.1

    If there is a newer version, please let me know where I can find it.  Thanks. 

    Will it mess up what I've done so far? I've spent a lot of time getting this website the way I like it, and I don't want it all to be destroyed.
  • edited February 2016
    NO it will not mess , if you haven't edit core code . The latest version is 1.7.3

  • I haven't edited the core code, but I have added several CSS shortcodes. Do I need to delete these or anything else before I install this new version? Do I need to deactivate or uninstall any plugins or anything else?
  • Just go fir it..
  • I can't install it. Here's the message I'm getting.

    I'm not giving out admin, and my URL has been transferred as I am getting info. off my old web hosting companyso---

    Please describe what I should do. Here's the message I'm getting for why I can't install the update. Perhaps do I need to deactivate the 1.7.1 version I'm using now to install the new 1.7.3 version?

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /home2/precitr0/public_html/wp-content/themes/appointment-pro/

    Theme install failed.

  • Actually folder by the name appointment-pro is already there. So either you have to delete the old package and install the new one.
  • I know that appointment pro is already there, but---I just want the update---so, if I delete the old package, I will lose everything, right?

    And what do you mean by delete the old package?
  • No you will not loose because any data, as you said added css in the custom css box, therefore  everything is in the database. SO you will not loose any data. 

    Or you can also do one thing if you famialir with FTP than upload all the latest files in the old package...
  • How do I delete the old package?
  • Just active theme twentyfifteen and browse on the appointment pro and click theme detail and you will get the delete link.

  • I know how to delete a theme, but you were telling me to delete a package. 
  • Oops you have to delete theme package..
  • Got it. It's done, and it's all good. I'm still learning the lingo. Thanks a bunch for your timely help and your patience.
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