Change the order of the services

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Can I change the order of the services? They are now at alphabetic order but I want to give my own order tot it.



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    Hello Newena,

    Yes, You can do It Very Easily. For That You have to Install a Plugin With Name "Post Type Order".

    For Install a Plugin You have to Follow Given Bellow Steps, The steps are :-

    (1) Go To Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New

    And Type Your Plugin Name "Post Type Order"  And Click On "Search Plugin" Button.

    After Search and Install a Plugin You have to Activate It. After Activate a Plugin You have to Follow Second


    (2) Go To Setting Menu >> Post Type Order >> Checked Mark on "Auto Sort" Check Box >> and

    Then Click On "Save Settings" Button.

    (3) After It Go To Your Basic Services >> Re-Order >> Drag the The Services According to You And

    Click On Update Button.

    And You Can Follow This Link Also



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    It works very good!!!! Thanks for this explanation.....
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