Subscriber Email Notification

Hello, I'd like to be able to send an EMAIL NOTIFICATION for a "New Subscriber" to an email address other than the WP ADMIN EMAIL

For example:  I would like the form to EMAIL our CUSTOMER SERVICE department with a customer's NAME and EMAIL address.

This seemed to work with the FREE version of this plugin.  I've upgraded to PRO and need some help.

Thank you!

Here is the website:


  • Hey 

    yes your required feature is not supported at now in ur pro plugin 

    if you relay required this then let me know you are comfit able in code customization . 

    or in couple of days we will add it in our next update


  • I am comfortable with coding - lay it on me! Thank you.
  • Hey mattdaddy71

    Sorry for delay response,

    follow given instructions 

    go to in your plugin directry >> themes >> template1 >> notification-proccess.php 

    open  notification-proccess.php  and find and replace  attached notification-proccess.txt  file code

    now go to line number 4 and enter your email from which you need to send email 

    go to in your plugin option panel >> notification settings 

    select from select subscriber form drop down list 

    simple subscriber form using wp mail 

    let me know did it work 

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