Icons not visible, links do not work any more

Using your Rambo Pro Theme.
Here is my website: www.hgh-innovation.com

For the Icons in the service chapter I signed up the basic kit with Fort Awesome as suggested by you but now icons and links are no longer visible.
I activated the Plugin Header and Footer Scripts in order to add the code: <script src="https://use.fonticons.com/49bf38c0.js"></script> as instructed by Fort Awesome. But no change. I do not know if the Plugin is compatible with Rambo so I deactivated it again.
Please give me a very simple instruction as I am not a programmer!
If you cannot solve the icon issue please tell me how to upload own pictures.

Thank you very much



  • Hi
    I tried to insert fa-rub as dummy in each service chapters. Now at least the links are working.
    But this is not a very good solutions...

  • Hey henri1407

    its not any pragmatical or compatible issue in theme 

    font awesome icon  is not visible because you enter wrong icon class name we test on your site you enter icon class for  cloud service icon cloud but it should be fa-cloud also for line chart-chart "fa-line-chart"

    plz enter correct icon class 

    let me know 

  • I indend to use the icons: cloud, Line chart, rocket, male
    When I insert these names, I only get black rounds and links do not work.

    I attach the "add new service screenshot"

  • Here is the attachement
    service icons.docx
  • Hey henri1407

    we  check on your site its working and also every link open there correct url .have a look in attached screen shot 

    here are font awesome icon class for your service (cloud, Line chart, rocket, male )
    fa-cloud, fa-line-chart,fa-rocket,fa-male

    let me know if you have any confusion 


    service image.png
  • Hi abhishek,

    fantastic job. Thank you very much. It works! I did not know anything about "icon class" before but learning.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Glad to know its working for you 

    let me know if you have any other questions

    happy to help you 

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