How can I add text to front page?

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How can I add text to the front page of my website? The wallstreet is not letting me add text. I need text for good SEO. I want to add a few paragraphs, about 300-500 words. 


  • Hi 

    Yes we can do this but for this we need to changes into the code of theme files . 
    So Firstly I suggest you to create child theme and do the layout changes from there.
    Because if you update the theme with the latest one than you will lost all  changes made into the core theme file .  

    To create child theme download the plugin from this link 
    Activate the plugin and create child theme . 
    Then tell me . 

    Happy to Help !

  • Hi 

    Any update here ?

  • Good, I have another problem. My client slider is not working. I cannot post more then one client. What can I do to fix this?
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    I have resolve your client section issue . 
    Now We come on your main issue .

    Add text section on front page section . 

    If you want text section which is I indicated into the snapshot Let me know . 
    ALso tell me on which section of fort page would you want addition text section . 
    Clear the position via snapshot . 

    So that we can assist you better .

    custom text area.png
  • Hello, I also want to add text to the front page but your explanations above don't offer any real help. I did create a child theme as you suggest above, but from there I am unsure how to proceed, based on your further comments. Please advice. Thank you. 
  • Hi 

    For this follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Create 1  home.php  and  2 index-cumtom_text.php file in your child theme directory .

    2 Replace copy the code from home.txt and index-custom_text.txt (Which is given below in the attachment ).

    3 And past the code respective file . 

    Now Edit the index-custom_text.php file .

    Find " This is custom text Add your custom text here   "  text and  in place of this text line add you own custom text . 

    Hope I made my point clear . 
    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hi @zepedamckee @danneira

    Any update here ?\

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