How to include posts in the page of "Blog"

Hi, in my menu, I have created one page of "blog". I just finished writing my first blog using "post" and published it. However, when I click "Blog" in the web menu, no posts were displayed there.

so how can I display all my posts in the page of "Blog" ?

Thank you !


  • Hi 

    For this you need to assign Blog template to the Respective blog page you have created . 
    Follow the given below instruction . 

    • To show all your blog post . Theme Supports THREE different Type of Blog Templates ,1. Blog-With-Right Sidebar 2.Blog-With-Left-Sidebar 3.Blog-Full-Width
    • To use these templates You Just need to assign any one of the Templates to that particular Page.
    • In the Left Or Right Sidebar you can place a custom widgets or WordPress Defaults Widgets.
    For more help Read our theme documentation link 

    Should you need any kind of furhter assistance , Feel free to ask us .

    Happy to help !
  • Hi!

    Thank you for your quick help!

    One more question please. Now all my posts are displayed in "Blog" under your instruction. But I don't want every post to be displayed in full content, only a brief, and then "read more". How can i realize that?

    Thanks !
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    For this you can use more tag tool of wordpress  which is available in  wp-editor . 

    The more tag is added through  

    post editor where you are adding your blog post content .

    See the attachment  it will help you how to add more tag.


    more tag.png
  • It works! thank you!

    One more question please: how can I edit "author" ? I will have different authors. 
  • Kindly create separate ticket for separate issues.

    Closing this ticket!!!

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