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In your post "" you've modified the code to remove the need for "WEBSITE".  However, I think one of the most important fields to include is PHONE NUMBER.

Would you mind providing me with a modified Contact-Us template to include phone number.  I need to make sure that there parameters mandated in this area as sometimes people will include +xxx or just xxx.

Also, what is the email address that this contact form will be sending to?



  • Hi nicolus,

    let me clear you need to phone in extra field and want to change with any other form fields.

    contact form email send to wordpress email address given in settings >> general settings 


  • Hi @nicolus

    Any update here?

  • Please see attached photo

    phone field.PNG
  • Hi 

    its s core code customization so we suggest you to create a child theme . so if you update theme in future then your code be safe  

    you can read more about child theme here

    you can use this plugin for create child theme

    /**after you create child theme**/

    1.go to in your theme directory >> contact-us.php 

    2. select and cut contact-us.php file and go to in your wallstreet child theme directory and paste it here 

    3. find attached contact-us.txt file and copy all code.

    4.go to  in your wallstreet child theme directory >> contact-us.php 

    5. open contact-us.php and replace this code with attached contact-us.txt .

    6. save

    7. activate wallstreet child theme and use 

    let me know did it work 


  • find this 
  • Hi @nicolus

    let me know given code  meets your requirements

  • Thank you Abhishek.  It ALMOST worked great.  I need to remove or change the Field Format Check criteria so that the visitor can put ANY number there, or in ANY format and the field will accept it.

    OR, that it will accept the format of 0x-xxx-xxx-xxx  

    I prefer for the Field to NOT check the format inserted.  Also, the color of the font in the message body is super light.  Why is it different from the rest of the fields?  Please see attached.

    Thank you.

    form Capture.PNG
  • Hi nicolus,

    follow given instruction to remove phone format check 

    1. go to in your theme directory >> contact-us.php

    2. open contact-us.php  and go to line number 155 - 159 and remove it 


    3. paste this css code in custom css box given in your theme customizer panel 

    .cont-form-control-textarea{color:#7b7f8c !important;}

    if you have any confusion have a look in attached screen shot.

    let me know 


  • The code and the removal of the validation worked. But there are two problems main problems and a smaller third problem.

    1. In the output email you need to put a space between First Name and Last Name (see photo)
    2. The senders phone number is not coming through in the message.
    3. (minor) Having some problems receiving the emails on any account running MS Exchange.  OK on public domain mails like yahoo or 
    need spaces.PNG
  • Resolved!

    plz check and let me know

  • Now I am not getting ANY mail.
  • edited December 2015
    you have not recived any mail like wordpress comment user registration etc or only from your contact form
  • I've sent out 3 test messages.  I only recently received the first one, and in that email still the problem still exists about the spacing, and the lack of phone number being passed through.

  • customized code with space issue and phone number not send in message

    plz find attached contact-us.txt file.

    open attached contact-us.txt fie and copy all code then paste this code in your theme contact-us.php file 

    let me know 


    Thank you!

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