H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 colours

I would like to change the colour of the H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 colours from teal green to a dark gray. 

I looked through the discussions and this was the closest thing to an answer: 


However, the fix provided does not impact the H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 fonts.

Help please?


  • Hi

    please share website URL.

  • Sorry, I can't. I'm building the site right now.
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    for this use below code in custom css field (theme dashboard >> appearance >> customize >> header setting >> custom css filed

    .section_heading_title h1, .about-section h3, .team-area h5, .footer_widget_title h2, .callout-section h3, .service-area h2 > a , .other-service-area h2, .page-header-title h1, .main-portfolio-showcase .main-portfolio-showcase-detail h4, .features-area h3 , .tweet-area h2, .footer-blog-post h3 a, .page-header-title h1, .about-section h3, .callout-section h3, .post-media-sidebar h3 a, .blog-author h6, .main-portfolio-showcase .main-portfolio-showcase-detail h4, .contact-detail-area h5, .google-map-title h1, .typo-head-title h3, .comment_box h1, .comment_box h2, .comment_box h3, .comment_box h4, .comment_box h5, .comment_box h6, home-portfolio-showcase-detail h4
    { color:#fff !important; }

    .testimonial-area h2, .home-blog-info h2, .home-blog-area .home-blog-info h2, .team-area h5, .blog-post-title-wrapper h2, .blog-post-title-wrapper-full h2, .blog-post-title-wrapper h2 a, .blog-post-title-wrapper-full h2 a
    { color: #f5f5f5 important; }

    Change color code as your need.

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    This fix doesn't work. 

    I have applied it and tried adjusting it. 

    This theme is not user-friendly at all. Something like a font colour change should not need to be changed in CSS - there is a dashboard to customize the fonts in the way we like - the colours should be adjustable in there. 

    I'm having buyer's remorse about purchasing this theme - the free version was so much more intuitive than the one we purchase. 

    I've been trying to change the pictures in the header and it can do all or each individual one but once again we need CSS as opposed to a simple upload of a picture into the header. 

    I think a lot more work needs to be done on this theme - I'm so disappointed because it was a very attractive and impressive theme but I can't spend this much time on making what should be minor changes.
  • Hey Dear   @deliberatemom

    Thanks for giving your valuable feedback .
    In our next update we will add upload button for changing header  image . 


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