Instagram Feed UserID and Hashtag

How do I show a feed from a single userid and filter out images with a hashtag?

[easyinstagramfeed userid="253551572" searchtype="hastag" hashtag="block37"] doesn't work.


  • Hi Naoyawada,


    this type of filtering not possible now.

    you can fetch images from instagram either userid or hastag.

    instagram api would not give permission this type of filtering.

    let me know further any confusion.


  • Hi Naoyawada,

    we customized code now as you need in your Query.
    if you are interested now let me know we provide you customized code package.

    let me know

  • Hi @Naoyawada,

    if you have any issue or any confusion let me know. we are there for your help.

    please reply ASAP.

  • edited November 2015
    I need this code as well. I need to display only one of my user's hashtags. They have this implemented already on an old HTML site, and the only reason we bought this premium plug-in was because your description says:
    "Get feed from particular user id and hash tag."

    UPDATE: I've found another premium plugin that advised users to include the following js in the custom js field, but that they included this functionality in their current version. I'd like to get your plugin working, instead of purchasing another premium plugin.
    if( $(this).find('.sbi_photo img').attr('alt').toLowerCase().indexOf("#your_hashtag") < 1 ) $(this).remove();

  • Hi...

    I read the same description about the plugin before bought it. And that's exactly what I need, filtering my images (only mine) with one hashtag.

    I need to know if this plugin can do that and how or get a refund.

  • Yes we have a package for this, will give you the package by tomorrow..
  • thank you.
  • How do you plan to give me the package? Using the member's area?

  • Hey n1mh_org

    kindly contact me our email [email protected] 

    we will provide you customize code so you can filter your image by hashtag or user id

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