How to upgrade Your Premium Package to the Latest Version's

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Hi to all our members,

Its a two step process but for the precaution  take a backup of the theme package you are using.

Step 1:- Download the latest package from your account.
Step 2:- Unzip the theme folder and replace all the files inside the theme folder you are using with the latest files.


Webriti Team 


  • Hi,

    This is the information you sent me when I purchase the premium package.  I imported the information but cannot figure out what is next?  Another page said to add to the theme page, which I used the zip file, I got an error that said it could not find a page.  What is the correct way to upgrade, I should be able to at a the new theme with out any problems.

    Installation and Setup

    Follow these instructions  in case you are using the free theme on your wordpress site.  Otherwise feel free to skip these steps.

    1) Uninstall the free theme before activating the premium version.  Having both theme enabled sometimes result in conflict which can prevent some settings from being created.

    2) To uninstall the free theme, Go to Appearance -> Themes.

    3) Once the free theme is uninstalled, install and activate the premium version. 
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    Kindly create a seperate ticket
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