Busiprof Theme is now live

edited August 2014 in Busiprof
1. Issue fixed regarding archive, category, tag, author.
2. Resolved pagination issue on blog, archive, category, tag, author etc.
3. Add custom icon feature and make service image/icon linkable in service section(Home Page) and Service Template.
4. Add tag.php file.
5. Fixed project section break issue.
6. Fixed category and archive repetitive title issue.

1.Home Page Project default category issue fixed.

1. Portfolio short-code added

1.Reply-To works for contact template.
@version 1.4.1
1. Tiny mce popup and change the home_url to site_url

1.Shortcodes error of space and special chars fixed.
2.Projects Category Spaces issue fixed.
3.Popular post, Recent post, comment widget added
4.Small fix in Accordian Shortcode. 

@version 1.3.9
1. Testimonial slide script change for service template
2. Service Text to remove code and use only the_content ();

@version 1.3.8
1. Quick edit issue fixed
2. Custom link added with open new tab option

@version 1.3.7
1. Manage Black Box through code in home slider

@version 1.3.6
1. Read More button text and link-in-Projects(CPT) 
2. Link-in-Portfolio(CPT)

@version 1.3.5
1. Project link
2. Open link in a new window/tab.

@version 1.3.4
1. Array Merge Concept for option panel.
2. Post type slug rewrite setting in option panel.
3. Remove project section issue.
4. Enabled and disabled check-box remove to option panel.

@version 1.3.3
1. Add New Featured Front page layout manager.
2. Client strip slide speed manage option.
3. Re-installation setting + latest Default installation setting Marge Code
4. Service icon linkable in the basic services section and service template.
5. Logo Hight and Width Settings option Added. 
6. Added Theme documentation Link button in option panel. 

@version 1.3.2

-> Add new feature
1. Enable Disable Intro Text.
2. Enable Disable Feature Slider.
3. Enable Disable Services.
4. Enable Disable Project.
5. Enable Disable Latest News.
6. Enable Disable Testimonial.
7. Enable Disable Client Strip.
8. Enable Disable Social Meida Links in footer.

Bug Fixed
1 . Issues with the pagination class fixed.
2. Set proper indentation in the shortcode files.
3. Unused resources are removed

@version 1.3.1
-> Anonymas Function Error removed in file busiprof-widget-contact.php
->Front page setting in option panel.
1)White space remove and new pagination function added.
2)Contact page and slider fade error remove.

1) IE-9 support 
2) Contact Detail Settings,Social Media Links 


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  • edited January 2014
    Thank you very much. I am going to wait for upgrade because i have reedited a lot of files.

    Are there any critical fix?.

    Very good theme, i like it very much. Congratulations. :)
  • Hi radares

    We have added 4 new features in 1.3.3 version of busiprof.

    How you rate busiprof theme looking forward to know your feedback here

  • edited January 2014
    I have already rated theme on 18 December. :)
  • edited January 2014
    It works ok on wordpress 3.8.1. :)

    i have changed wordpress version number on wordpress.org reviews and rating themes. :)
  • Your code completely changed in version, it was more than the release notes indicated.  This caused me major heartburn when updated as I had to re-write all my customizations to work with the code changes.  May I suggest that you include a summary or code changes in your release notes.
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