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The templates for this theme are pretty cool. The problem is that when I apply the About Us or Contact Us template to the page, it adds this banner at the bottom of the page that says "Get your app ideas transformed into reality" and has a buy it now button. I  can't figure out how to remove this at all. Is it possible to edit the page templates? I am a paid user so that would be really nice to get removed. I can't launch my website with that on there.


  • Ok I figured it out. After posting I thought I'd check the PHP scripts and found this in the About Us theme php file.

    get_template_part('index', 'call-out-area');

    I deleted this from the file and it removed it. Hopefully this is helpful for future individuals. My suggestion would be for this to be more easily modified if that is possible.
  • Hi @circuitsaviors

    Thanks for using our theme.
    okay , You have figured out your issue.
    Can I close this ticket ,if yes
  • Hi @circuitsaviors

    Yes that would be a good solution to add the individual  settings to hide the section on the respective page settings.

    Thanks for the suggestion..

    Would like to know your site url.

    Let us know if you have further issues, closing this ticket.

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